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Meat and charcuterie

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If consumed sporadically and within a varied and balanced diet, meat and sausages can be part of a healthy diet. However, to make its consumption more sustainable, it is advisable to opt for organic meat and delicatessen.

Coming from certified organic livestock farms that take care of the environment and animal welfare, organic meat and sausages promote more conscientious consumption with the preservation of natural resources.

What is organic meat and charcuterie?

Industrial meat production has a strong impact on the environment due to the high consumption of water, energy and other resources that it requires. That is why it is essential to reduce the consumption of meat and sausages and bet on organic meat and delicatessen.

On organic or bio farms, the welfare of the animals is taken care of ensuring that they can graze outdoors, in addition to having access to quality forage or fresh feed. In addition, in meats and organic charcuterie , GMOs, fattening hormones, antibiotics or other products are not used, which can then leave traces.

The result is a more sustainable meat and charcuterie, with local production.

Where to buy organic meat and charcuterie

At Naturitas we work with the best brands of organic meat and organic sausages, such as Ecoviand, to offer you a wide variety of certified meat and organic deli products. You can buy organic meat from sustainable farms, from beef tenderloins to chicken breasts, lamb shoulder sticks or pork fillets. In addition, we have organic sausages such as serrano ham, organic bacon, sausage and butifarra, fuet, frankfurter sausages, etc. You can also buy our organic burgers or organic minced meat to prepare your own homemade recipes.

The menu is up to you!

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