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Green Clay

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Properties and benefits of Green Clay

Soria Natural Green Clay is indicated to soften and purify the skin. Masks, poultices and baths can be made.

How to apply Green Clay?

It is recommended in

External use
• Facial Mask: It is advisable to put a tablespoon of green clay in a suitable container
(non metallic or plastic) and add little by little mineral water or infusions, until obtaining the consistency
desired. The mask should be of firm consistency so that it does not drip, but it should not be done
too thick. Apply on the face and neck, avoiding the eye and lip contour, a thin layer,
leave it to act for about 10 minutes and remove with lukewarm water before it dries completely. Subsequently
you can apply a moisturizer.

• Body Poultice: Spread the clay with the desired consistency on the area to be treated (must
brir a larger surface than the one to be treated) and distribute it with a non-metallic spatula, with a

thickness of about 1 to 2 centimeters. The poultice must be of firm consistency so that
not dripping, but not too thick either. Apply the poultice, leaving the clay in contact with
the skin, and keep it with a bandage or a dry cloth, without tightening too much.
If the poultice is used on an irritated area, put a fine gauze between the clay and the skin. When the
poultice is almost dry, remove it and remove the remains of clay with warm water, then dry the skin
with a cotton towel.

When we put it on inflamed, congested or hot areas, the temperature of the clay will be
Chill and remove before it gets too hot. In processes and acute superficial inflammations
(sores, abscesses, etc.) should be changed every hour, and if it dries earlier, every half hour if necessary.
If what we want is to tone a weak organ, then the clay must be hot and renew it before
it gets cold. For deep organs it is generally left for two to three hours, but is not recommended
apply more than one a day.
If it is a matter of revitalizing an organ, it can be worn overnight. Before any rejection
on the part of the patient in the form of chills or thermal imbalance, it is advisable to remove the poultice.
• Bathrooms. Baths can also be used to soften the skin: Pour 2 to 4 tablespoons of clay into a
large glass beaker, add mineral water and shake with a non-metallic spoon. Then add the
mix in the bath water. In general, the traditional treatment is recommended to carry out two to three baths
weekly for 21 days, repeating if necessary with a rest period of one week.
It is recommended to do it in a tub or tub and not in the bathtub because the mud obstructs the drains.


Green Clay (96%), Spirulina maxima (4%).