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Skin Food Raw Bio

200 g
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Biotona Skin Food Raw Bio is a synergistic blend of Biotona Skin food containing raw gel powder of aloe vera, nettle, sea buckthorn and turmeric for skin health.
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Store review (4.70 / 5) EXCELLENT


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Product values

  • Vegan
    It does not contain any ingredient of animal origin
  • Eco
    Organic farming production, which respects the environment and is free of pesticides and transgenic
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Biotona Skin Food Raw Bio is a synergistic blend of Biotona Skin food containing raw gel powder of aloe vera, nettle, sea buckthorn and turmeric for skin health.


Lyophilized powders of gotu kola and nettle contribute to cutaneous irrigation. The Biotona Skin food formula is completed with matcha and blueberry, which provide us with fresh skin and stimulate cell regeneration. The pineapple and kale (kale), cocoa, goji, whole pomegranate, purple corn, papaya, red beet, wild rose and tomato fruits as well as the 4 mushroom mycelium powders and the powders of the best superbayas increase power by the synergistic efficacy of the mixture! All the ingredients are of the best 100% biological quality and reduced to powder by a procedure that totally preserves the phyto-nutrients naturally present.

Intake mode

It is recommended to add Biotona Bio Skin Food Raw to your smoothies and smoothies in combination with fruit juice, other super foods or simply in milk (vegetable), yogurt or water, as you prefer. Add a touch of health to your dishes


Store in the refrigerator (cold)


Poudre de goji (100%), Goji powder (100%), Poudre de mûre, Poudre de groseille, Poudre d'aloe vera, Poudre de curcuma, Poudre de cynorrhodon, Poudre de betterave rouge, Poudre de papaye, Poudre de gotu kola, Poudre de maïs violet, Poudre de grenade, Poudre de tomate, Poudre d'argousier, Poudre d'ananas, Poudre d'açaí, Poudre de cacao, Poudre de Matcha, Poudre de de reishi, Aloe Vera, GroSalla, Frutos de Wild rose, Mirtilos, Wild blackberry, Black mulberry, Red beet, Poudre de canneberge, Poudre de fraise, Poudre de hericium, Poudre de shiitake, Poudre de mûrier noir, Poudre de cassis, Poudre d'aronia, Poudre de sureau, GroSalla negra , Papaya, Strawberry, Raspberry, Tomato, Maitake, Shiitake, Sea Buckthorn, Turmeric, Acerola, Pineapple, Nettle, Reishi, Pomegranate, Açai, Elderberry, Cranberry, Cacao, Poudre de grande ortie, Aronia, Camu-camu, Gotu Kola , Matcha, Kale, Hericium, Maqui, Purple corn, Poudre de myrtille, Poudre de framboise, Poudre de chou frisé, Poudre de maq ui, Poudre de camu camu, poudre d'acerola, Poudre de Maitake.



Nutritional table

  • For 100 g
  • Energetic value
    337 kcal
  • Lipid fats
    6.8 g
  • Saturated fatty acids
    2.1 g
  • Carbohydrates / Carbohydrates
    48 g
  • Sugars
    30 g
  • Dietary fiber
    21 g
  • Protein
    10 g
  • Salt
    0.33 g