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Nipple protector SCF156 / 00

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Philips Avent Nipple Protector is ideal for flat nipples and inverted nipples or for babies with teat confusion syndrome.
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Philips Avent Nipple Protector is ideal for flat nipples and inverted nipples or for babies with teat confusion syndrome.


We help her prolong the breastfeeding period

Protection against irritation
Allows skin contact
Medium (21mm)
2 pieces
Designed to help with holding difficulties
We designed nipple shields to help babies who are struggling to latch on and to help you breastfeed longer *. For mothers with flat and inverted nipples and for babies with a weak suck technique or oral abnormalities, the teat guard can provide a teat designed for support to maintain a bulky position during baby's nursing breaks.

The ultra-slim butterfly shape of the nipple shields is designed to allow baby to contact their skin. Thanks to its butterfly shape, both the baby's nose and chin are in contact with his chest, so the baby can smell the scent of his mother and touch his skin. Just place the protector over the center of the nipple to make sure your baby can properly hold on to the entire areola. Enjoy bonding with your little one while protecting his nipples.

Nipple protectors are available in two sizes to better fit your chest. The small protectors adapt to the diameter of a nipple of 12 mm and the medium ones to 21 mm. To find your size, get comfortable and place one of the rings with the hole over your nipple. Rotate the shield clockwise and direct the nipple into the tunnel. Then stretch the base of the protector around the areola. If there is a 2mm gap between the nipple and silicone, this means it fits properly. Tip: The size varies according to the nipple and not the areola. Not sure? Consult your health care professional for assistance.

Nipple protectors are designed to provide comfort and a more delicate feeding when the mother has irritated, cracked or sore nipples. They help reduce the friction or stretching of the nipples during breastfeeding so that you can feed the baby with your best milk and comfortably.

> If the mother needs to control the milk flow or the baby is not strong enough to suck, the nipple shields also provide great support. The three holes at the tip of the protector can help with the flow range of breast milk in the event of excess milk. In this way, the baby can breastfeed at her own pace when the mother experiences excessive flow.

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