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27 products
27 products
27 products
  1. Australian Tea Tree Toothpaste
    Australian Tea

    Australian Tea Tree Toothpaste

    100 ml
    £6.15 Msrp Price £7.48 As low as £5.66
  2. Aloe vera mouthwash
    Dr. Organic

    Aloe vera mouthwash

    500 ml
    £6.96 Msrp Price £7.73 As low as £6.68
  3. Fresh Breath Purifying Toothpaste
    Corpore Sano

    Fresh Breath Purifying Toothpaste

    75 ml of cream
    £5.09 Msrp Price £6.24 As low as £4.73
  4. Oral elixir
    Corpore Sano

    Oral elixir

    30 ml
  5. Toothpaste Silicea

    Toothpaste Silicea

    50 g of cream
    £4.28 Msrp Price £4.99 As low as £4.19
  6. Stain Remover Toothpaste
    Himalaya Herbals

    Stain Remover Toothpaste

    75 ml
    £3.59 Msrp Price £3.66 As low as £3.27
  7. Anti Tartar Toothpaste
    Comptoirs & Compagnies

    Anti Tartar Toothpaste

    75 ml
    £5.72 Msrp Price £6.67 As low as £5.43
  8. Mint and Thyme Toothpaste
    Corpore Sano

    Mint and Thyme Toothpaste

    75 ml of cream
    £4.67 Msrp Price £5.25 As low as £4.39
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Tartar on teeth is a consequence of when plaque is not removed . The moment this happens, the gums become inflamed and bad breath appears. So that this does not happen, it is essential to take care of oral health with suitable products.

Sensitive gums toothpaste

Sensitive toothpaste and shipping should be suitable for this type of problem. At Naturitas we have several options to reduce the sensitivity of the gums , treat them with great care and all this without sacrificing the daily cleaning that is so necessary.

Sensitive gums remedies

There are multiple remedies for sensitive gums ranging from Coslys Sensitive Tooth & Gum Toothpaste Gel or Weleda Sage Mouth Gel . The continued use of these types of gels reduces inflammation, bleeding and pain in the gums.

Mouthwash for sensitive gums

A mouthwash for sensitive gums is useful after brushing and as a measure to rinse the mouth and end oral health. The most suitable mouthwash for sensitive gums that we have at Naturitas is Silagencyl from Labo Sante Silice .

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