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111 products
111 products
  1. Stevia seeds
    Euro Garden

    Stevia seeds

    30 units
  2. Beef Heart Tomato
    Euro Garden

    Beef Heart Tomato

    100 units
  3. Peppermint seeds
    Euro Garden

    Peppermint seeds

    1 g
    £0.97 Msrp Price £1.16 As low as £0.91
  4. Annual Chive Seeds
    Euro Garden

    Annual Chive Seeds

    2 g
    £0.97 Msrp Price £1.27 As low as £0.91
  5. Parsley Seeds

    Parsley Seeds

    1 packets
    £1.48 Msrp Price £1.49 As low as £1.42
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What do you want to plant today? We have all the seeds you need! It is wonderful to see how almost all plants and trees are born from a humble seed. You just have to plant it in the right soil at the right time, periodically water it, add fertilizer or fertilizer when necessary ... and you can plant what you want!

To help you populate your terrace, garden or orchard with all the plants and crops you want, in our organic seeds section you will find products from leading brands such as Euro Garden, Batlle or Sembra, carefully selected by the Naturitas team.

Take a look at our indoor or outdoor flower seeds, or plan your next harvest with our garden seeds. You can plant vegetables with carrot seeds, zucchini seeds , lettuce, cucumbers, etc. or fruits with tomato seeds , such as melons, watermelons, strawberries ... Aromatic herb seeds, with basil , coriander, parsley or mint seeds , are also great for always having fresh and natural ingredients when cooking.

And if you like to try a little of everything, we have seed packs to create your own orchard, as well as fun packs to grow corn for popcorn or botanicals for your cocktails. They are a great way to get started in the world of gardening and gardening!

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