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Vitamin Dry A

60 capsules
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Solaray Vitamin Dry A is a nutritional supplement that provides large amounts of vitamin A highly assimilable by the body.
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Product values

  • Gluten free
    It guarantees that the gluten content of the final product is equal to or less than 20 mg / kg
  • Colorants free
    Does not contain dyes
  • 100% natural
    Made with natural components
  • Sugarfree
    It contains a maximum of 0.5 g of sugar per 100 g
  • Lactose free
    Indicates lactose absence, but may contain traces
  • Preservatives free
    It does not contain additives that prolong the shelf life of the product
  • Salt free
    It contains a maximum of 0.005 g of sodium or the equivalent value of salt, per 100 g
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Solaray Vitamin Dry A is a nutritional supplement that provides large amounts of vitamin A highly assimilable by the body.

Properties and benefits of Vitamin Dry A

Vitamin Dry A helps the growth and formation of cells in the body, making it essential for body growth. It is especially necessary for bone growth: if not enough is taken, the bones will stop growing before the soft tissues are mature. It is also necessary for the normal development of teeth and enamel and is important for the formation of healthy epithelial tissue, both in the epidermis and in the lining of the internal mucous membranes. Finally, vitamin A works best if the body has a sufficient level of zinc and an adequate supply of protein.

How to take Vitamin Dry A?

It is recommended to take with food or with a glass of water.


Food supplement for adults. This product contains vitamin A; do not take it if you are pregnant or want to become pregnant unless advised by a doctor or family planning clinic.

Contains fish.


For 1 capsule:

Vitamin A (230 mg).