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65 products
65 products
65 products
  1. Gotil 1200
    Nova Diet

    Gotil 1200

    20 ampoules
    £20.04 Msrp Price £23.38
  2. LES Tilia Tomentosa
    Forza Vitale

    LES Tilia Tomentosa

    50 ml
    £11.10 Msrp Price £13.35 As low as £10.54
  3. Organic lime

    Organic lime

    30 ml
  4. Linden sapwood

    Linden sapwood

    20 ampoules of 15ml
  5. Lime biogem

    Lime biogem

    50 ml
  6. Linden integral extract
    Dr. Giorgini

    Linden integral extract

    200 ml
  7. Linden


    100 ml
  8. Linden Hydroalcoholic Solution

    Linden Hydroalcoholic Solution

    100 ml
  9. Totum Linden

    Totum Linden

    100 ml
  10. Linden


    50 ml
  11. Sleep


    50 ml
  12. Totum lime (140)

    Totum lime (140)

    50 ml
  13. Linden yes

    Linden yes

    50 ml
  14. Linden


    100 ml
  15. Tila
    El Naturalista


    40 g
  16. Linden Bag
    Soria Natural

    Linden Bag

    30 g
    £3.19 Msrp Price £3.79 As low as £3.06
  17. Tila


    20 infusion bags
    £1.72 Msrp Price £1.86 As low as £1.65
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Linden is one of the most popular medicinal plants that exist due to its sedative and relaxing effect that we have all seen. Although it is not only used to calm the nerves or to sleep! The properties of linden make it beneficial for other aspects of health as well, from treating cardiovascular disorders to having shinier hair. We are going to learn more about the benefits of linden and the different options that exist to take linden safely and effectively.

What are the properties of linden?

Linden is obtained from the flowers of the linden, a tree native to mountainous areas that we can now also find in parks and squares. Its flowers, yellow and very aromatic, contain a great abundance of flavonoids, mucilages, phenols and essential oils that are responsible for the well-known properties of linden.

Undoubtedly, among the most well-known benefits of linden is its sedative effect, ideal to reduce anxiety, stress and as a natural remedy for insomnia. It can also reduce tension, headaches, and irritability. In addition, taking linden has expectorant effects and increases sweating, helping to cure colds and flu.

Finally, linden improves digestion, is a good natural cleanser and can also be used to nourish and repair hair.

In what ways can you take linden?

Nowadays it is easy to find linden in many establishments to prepare infusions, although to use it for medicinal purposes it is recommended to buy dried linden flowers in specialized herbalists such as Naturitas. Another possibility is to use linden essential oil or extract , with a high concentration of active ingredients. Linden tablets or capsules are also made with this medicinal plant to sleep or relax.

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